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by fonzfam
Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:21 am
Forum: Space Derby
Topic: Track Design/Blueprints
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Re: Track Design/Blueprints

I need a copy of pack 80's blue prints also! thanks" target="_blank
by fonzfam
Thu May 15, 2008 3:28 pm
Forum: Construction Workshops
Topic: Quality paint job
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More paint job questions

This may be a stupid question but...... Spray or brush for the primer? I know you can get Kilz in both. Also if you are using a lacquer paint versus Acrylic would you use the oil base as opposed to water? And last but not least what about sealing the wood first?
by fonzfam
Thu May 15, 2008 2:25 pm
Forum: General Coordinator Topics
Topic: Multiple car display stand
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Multiple car display stand

We have been giving the boys a stand each year on which to display their cars. A parent has suggested we give our Webelos a multi car stand in which to display all their previous cars at their "last" race. I think it's a marvelous idea but have been unable to find a simple or cost effective plan to ...