Thanks Everyone

Secrets, tips, tools, design considerations, materials, the "science" behind it all, and other topics related to building the cars and semi-trucks.
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Thanks Everyone

Post by Lactic Acid Trip Racing » Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:33 pm

Thanks everyone on the forum!
Our Pack held it's 2010 PWD yesterday. What a long day. What fun.
We've used a lot of what we've learned from this forum and from sharing with each other to build some very fast cars and help people along the way.
A build class, a work-shop, a trial day....
No issues this year, all cars checked in relatively easy without the need for any major mods at the last minute in the repair area. We saw a lot of underweight cars which is a lot easier to deal with than over-weight.
We had an overabundance of for the participants and their families.
Started late but finished before the planned time :thumbup:
Oh yeah!
My son (and I) had a great day yesterday. He finished first in an extremely competitive Webelos Den (past 5 defending pack champs) and first in the Pack...on to Districts!

Thanks Again

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