Possible object lesson.

Ideas and discussions on presenting the Gospel at Church sponsored races.
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Possible object lesson.

Post by Gerald_G » Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:49 pm

This story was posted in another forum, and I felt it might be appropriate for here as well. I am re-posting (with permission) to this board.

"Let me tell you a story...

My 4-year old granddaughter was visiting us this week.

On Sunday she loves to go to church with me.

This week she was the only child to go upfront for the children's sermon.

The pastor was talking just to her.

He had a small wooden truck that our kiddos had painted for Children's Day.

He told Mara, who hadn't been there that day, how they set up a runway and had a race with the trucks.

Each truck raced down the board and went only a little way, but the one that went the farthest was the winner.

Then He asked what if, to win, the trucks had been required to make it all the way across the whole church?

Even my 4-year old granddaughter knew the answer. <Shaking her head seriously> "They couldn't do it."

"That's how it is with us, Mara," the pastor said.

"God has told us that we have to be SO good all the time that we just could never do it.
But Jesus Christ said that He would do it FOR us
And, because of Him, we are winners!""

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Re: Possible object lesson.

Post by digger » Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:33 pm

That was very good. We need these typs of storys to keep us on the right path toward jesus!!!. :)

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