SuperTrack Reviews?

Discussions on buying, building or rehabbing a race track. Topics like plans, materials, tools, construction, finishing, commercially available tracks, and so on.
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Re: SuperTrack Reviews?

Post by PinewoodPerformance » Mon Apr 05, 2004 11:05 am

Have we heard anything new on our big plastic friend? I am looking to buy one here shortly sue to the light wight and storage, I have never heard a real legitimate complaint about the Giant Canary Track so Ithink that is the way we will go, just wondering if there was any new news about the track since Novemeber?

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Re: SuperTrack Reviews?

Post by asatxj » Mon Apr 05, 2004 2:09 pm

First things first, Get in BLUE!!!! Way cool. 8) I've ran it several times and I'll be making some upgrades like using velcro to hold sections together in leiu of rubber bands. I MAY change the slope a bit. I had a few people fuss that it was too steep. (a well built car will be fine, weight to far rearward cars get wobbly on early part of flat section. I WILL build some Ballistic stoppers as the "garage" doesn't stop them, just bounces them back up the track. We did have a problem with the start button, it is being sent back for replacement. It made racing difficult but you can start a race manually so we survived. Would I buy it agian, yep, unless I could get the same package (track, finishline, software, startgate) in the Piendosi aluminum kit. I'm certain it would cost more though. BTW 34' track, timer, software etc $884 to the door. If you want more info email me

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Re: SuperTrack Reviews?

Post by rpcarpe » Mon Mar 14, 2011 8:09 am

Last spring I happened to be in Nashville TN. Supertimer facility is just outside in Madison TN.
Dave's a great guy, talked with me and my buddy for over an hour on a rainy Saturday morning.
I personally looked at all the components of a Supertimer system.

Yeah, it's different than the center guided wood/aluminum we've all seen. But it's SO smooth. The joints line up nicely and he's put a different stop section into place. It's that soft memory foam like from matteresses. I THREW a test car down the track and it just sank into the foam and came back a few inches.

The timer system and software seem pretty bullet-proof. What isn't bullet-proof is easily replaced.
When it comes time to change tracks here, I'm recommending a Supertimer system.

I've used Freedom Tracks, Best Tracks and now even a home-made plexiglass tracks. I still like the supertimer.
No, I'm not a paid endorser. These are just my opinions and experience.

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