Super Successful Derby!!

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Super Successful Derby!!

Post by DerbyAddict » Sun Mar 05, 2006 7:20 am

This could go in a couple of forums but I think the software played a huge part so...
We had our PWD yesterday. We have a Besttrack 42 ft 3 lane aluminum track with a Newbold Daytona timer and we are using GPRM. The software performed flawlessly. We had a projector to show the race results and on deck on a large scale, then revealed the winners one at a time at the end. Everyone, Scouts, Parents, and honored guests all agreed it was a huge improvement over last year. We had to re-run a couple of heats and the software made it a snap. The boys loved the mph listing as the order of finish was displayed as well as the notification of a new track record. Great program Randy, it helped to greatly increase the good time we all had.

Our Besttrack was fantastic. When we originally set it up, we were a little dissapointed in the fit of some of the lanes but a couple of emails with Steve Monk at Besttrack let us do some rearranging of sections We had one section we had to lightly smooth out but it overall the track was great. It went together in about 45 mins including the timer and the cars ran great on it. We had two jump tracks that we re-ran but we could not figure out why either car jumped the track. Where they jumped was perfectly smooth.

Our timer was another super success story. The Daytona work without a hitch both in determinig close races and in communicating to the GPRM software. Everything on worked great out of the box. The BIG LEDs made it easy to see the finish order in a flash. We had about 4 or 5 races that were decided in 2/1000's of a second or less. One of the eyeball judges from last year said to me "That makes the timer worth every penny. There is no way we could have called those races." We used it right out of the box this year so we are going to work on an enclosure for next year.

What made the event even more special was that the track, timer and software were purchased with money earned by the boys. After last years Derby when we borrowed a 2 ln aluminum track without a timer, we challenged the boys that if the sold a certain level on our spring fund raiser we would purchase a new track for our pack. They not only raised enough for the track but also for the timer and software! They were pretty proud of the fact that they were racing on, literally, their track, purchased with money they earned. It was a great thing to see.

Thanks for all the info this site provided. Will post over in another forum about the race itself in a little bit. Right now gotta go to church and then start planning next years car with my son. He is already talking about some modification he wants to try.

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Re: Super Successful Derby!!

Post by gpraceman » Sun Mar 05, 2006 10:15 am

I am glad that your race went well and that the GrandPrix Race Manager software was a help. :D

I think it is great that the boys earned the money for the track. Our pack used the proceeds from the boys selling popcorn to buy our 48ft 4 lane Piantedosi aluminum track and Fast Track timer before last year's race. It was a good investment and has already paid for itself by rental income from the races our pack does for other packs in the area. The rental income now goes back to the boys for other activities.

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