GPRM - Award Assignment

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GPRM - Award Assignment

Post by dna1990 » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:35 pm

NEVERMIND THIS POST. For some reason I glanced back to the award screen and see that on the right side - the option to list by name/number already exists. And in my case, we already assign car# based on a group series, so I am all good. I can type 245 and it jumps to that racer, regardless of how many I have in the roster.

I leave this post here, so that others needing same functionality will know it already exists.

When assigning a winner to each award slot...can the dropdown list for Winner - be limited to only the passed racers for that group?

Our roster is usually about 150, all registered scouts and we add sibling/adult. But for the pre-loaded scouts, some WebIIs and others will not participate (pass).

When on the Award group for say Bear, each dropdown has all 150 racers to wade thru - not just the Bears that have passed. And this list is alphabetic, and we vote on awards based on number.

I can see maybe a non-passed racer could be eligible for an award, or you need flexibility to enter them early...but I am hopeful you could limit dropdown list to the currently selected group.

I would not suggest it be changed one way or the other, but a new software option to allow for that list to be sorted by name or car# would also be a great help.

Just suggestin'.

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