2 hours and a winner!

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2 hours and a winner!

Post by ranman106 » Fri Oct 17, 2003 2:00 pm

Here are some pics of my son's recent Pinewood Derby car. It was an informal race with no weigh in. When we checked in at 9:00am for the campout, we were given a new kit. We could work on the car until race time (5:00pm) if we wanted. We chose other scout activities until lunch, then worked on the car. That gave us 2 hours to complete the car!

I had polished the axles and smoothed the wheels the day before and placed the items in a ziploc bag with graphite. All we did was cut a simple wedge design and put a light coat of black paint on it. We gave it an hour to dry and placed our decals, wheels and axles.

An extra blast of graphite was give to each wheel before check in. No extra weight was allowed. Once the cars were checked in, a single large washer was glued on top. All cars received this add washer. It was your choice on placement.

The Tiger Cubs raced against the clock in a four heat race with the winner having the best average time. The winner in this division was running @2.6 seconds.

When the Wolf Cubs started their check in, the computer froze. So the remaining races were ran in single elimination heats because of the total number of scouts. As I said before, we were to race at 5:00pm in the Bear Cub division, we didn't race until 8:00pm!

My sons car flew down the track! He won his heat and won the Bear Cub Division. That is his car in the far right bottom corner of the picture followed by 2nd and 3rd place cars.

At the end of the division races, Tigers, Wolfs, Bears, and 1st/2nd year Webelos, the grand champion race was held with the four winners. I am glad to say my son's car took that honor as well! I am one proud Daddy!

I would love to know what our times were. When we returned home, I got my scale out and weighed the car. Weight was barely under 4.5 ounces. Simple plans, good weight placement, and polishing can make a winner! :D



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