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Re: Something vintage to share

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 5:35 pm
by Speedster
I know how to help you with writing and publishing and it won't cost you anything. My brother Joe is a book writer, has a PH.d, is a SUPER GREAT guy, lives in Palo Alto, CA and will help us with getting a book published.
Can you answer these questions ?
What is the weight of each of 5 -1953 PWD wheels?
What is the weight of each of 5-CMI wheels?
What is the weight of each of 5-wheels after the CMI wheels?
What is the weight of each of 5-1999 wheels?
What is the weight of each of 5- 2009 wheels?
I can answer them all but one. Wouldn't it be sad if that were to be lost to history. I think at this time in History we can find the answer to any question. You've got a BIG HEAD START on most folks. I think you would get a lot of help. Pictures of cars from 1953 to 1985 would be Priceless.

I keep getting "undeliverable" when I go through the info on Derbytalk.
Here's my email address:
Send me an email and say "Hi". That should do it. I'll get back to you.

Something vintage to share

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:43 pm
by whodathunkit

For the weight on the wheels used in 1953
Your guess is as good as mine!

Can you guess the weights on the wheels used
In the years from 1954-55?

But if I were to take a guess on the plastic wheels
Used from 56 and on.
I would have to say that the wheels
might be somewere between 3 to 4 grams each.

Same for all the years after 56.

Know why you couldn't email me!
For got to change my email address.
I'v up dated it.
But now I can't log in to DT.

Any of the 5 wheel total's for all the wheels should be around 18 to 21 grams give or take few grams.
On a scale for how many are in the 3 gram range
or in the 4 gram range.

And that's for all the wheels your asking me about after the 1953 -55 wheels.

Even the 1960 wider wheels with the hubs were in the 3-4 gram range.
(The ones that look like the ones from 56.)
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Re: Something vintage to share

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:07 am
by rwburbage
whodathunkit wrote:
Tue May 04, 2010 9:03 pm
yEaH! YeAh! yEah! My SpelliNG Is bAd aLSo!
Whodathunkit!!! :shhh: ((( kids do your best in School !)))
And tell your dads to get the book Pinewood! the Story of the Pinewood derby!
Because according to the original 1953 Rules & Regulations in his book
The Over-all length of the car shall not exceed 7-3/4

1957 Boys' Life Motto..
Better Scouts dererve the Best-
Outdoors or in, they meet the test
You and I can guide there deed's
Serve them better - meet all needs.
Let's make an effort; we surely can
Install and use a Budget Plan-
Fuilling our aims as topflight leaders.
Every boy, this year, a Boys' Life reader.

How many of you dads with kids in scouting. have heard Donn's story about his dad
and what went wrong.. the day his son's co2 powerd car hit the water sprinkler!
I think we all know why Don Murphy, Invented this pinewood derby car
To do a greater good for the love of his son.. And the kids in Scouting!

All I want to be..Is a missing person.
Last seen.... Cub Scouting & doing my best
having fun acting like a kid again!
Discovering how kids can teach us to be
better leaders for their tomorrow/future.
Is there anyway to get the track plans picture uploaded or sent? Thanks for the help. Anyone out there created a replica of the finish line with the modified doorbell design?