"Foul the track" - historical levity

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"Foul the track" - historical levity

Post by Stan Pope » Wed Nov 26, 2003 10:53 am

I am lately seeing the phrase "foul the track" when discussing lubricant rules. I had not seen the phrase prior to using it in our district rules a few years ago. It may have been used previously, but I don't know of such usage. Original or not, I thought that you may be interested in the derivation of the phrase.

Back in the 60's my bride took our standard Dachshund to Obedience School. Following a more or less successful completion of the class, she started showing the dog in Obedience Trials, in which the dog and handler perform a series of maneuvers within the confines of the Show Ring.

Just like Pinewood Racing, Obedience Trials have RULES! One of the very important rules in Obedience Trials was that the entrant may not "foul the ring." The offense includes both "puddles" and "piles." The rule is considered so important that the offender is immediately and summarily disqualified from the event.

So, if you wondered why I smile a bit when I use the phrase, now you know. It is the good memories of my bride and her ring-wise Dachshund, not the implicit "bathroom humor"!

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