Mini Cooper???

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Mini Cooper???

Post by whodathunkit » Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:44 pm

After reading this older topic about very short W/base cars. ... per#p18351

And watching a few videos on you tube running a Mini Cooper race.
Well.. I got inspired by watching [no advertising for this vendor] Mini Cooper car run
& I've always liked the looks of the Nellie Faye Fendes. :thumbup:

Anyhow these Mini Cooper cars are fast..
just in the same with speeds hitting in the 2.9's range also.

Have any of you ever tryed building a 4" Mini Cooper car..
useing balsa to build (Mini Cooper Look alike) Nellie Faye Fenders?

I started building and playing around with one just today to have a little bit fun time
down in the shop.
The ladder frame was made from a BSA kit that was cut down to 3/16" thick & 3/16" T cubes
were used to weight the car.. right now as the car is it's a touch over 3.oz .
So more cubes are needed to bring the car up to weight.

The photo of the car is not the best of photo..

What type of automobile can be spelled the same forwards & backwards?

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