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Car Staging "Parking Lot"

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:48 am
by gpraceman
New for the 2009-2010 racing season!

Our unique "Car Staging Parking Lot" will help you keep your cars organized, and more importantly, from rolling off of your staging table (cringe). No more sticks, cardboard box tops, or crossed fingers to keep the cars in place.

With your cars more organized, your race crew have an easier job pre-staging cars for the upcoming heats. This helps make your race run faster and smoother.

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Product Features:
* Set of 3 parking lots with a total capacity of up to 24 cars.
* Each parking lot is 24" long x 8" wide and holds up to 8 cars.
* Each parking spot has a "belly board" for a car to rest on. Belly boards keep cars from rolling around and also help from changing the wheel alignment.
* Number each of the parking spots using the provided blank labels. You can even use different color markers to visually segregate your competition groups.
* Made from ultra light weight and durable materials.
* 9 of these parking lots (72 car capacity) can fit on a typical 6' long by 30" wide table.

For more information and to purchase, go to ... ucts_id=84