Triangle Canopy, Paint Stand, and Wheel Flares-New from MV

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Triangle Canopy, Paint Stand, and Wheel Flares-New from MV

Post by MaxV » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:09 am

Here in Arizona fall is finally in the air, and it is time for pinewood derby racing. Just in time for the season, we are announcing three new products and a one time special offer to help you have a
great race:

Triangular Tungsten Canopy - This 2.5 ounce triangular canopy is very low profile, looks sharp, and readily mounts on your pinewood derby car.
Image ... m#triangle

Paint Stand - Finally, a paint stand for pinewood derby cars that is easy to use, and works on virtually any car! This paint stand not only holds your car securely, but also allows you to hold the car in any position while painting.
Image ... .htm#mount

You can see an earlier version of this Paint Stand in this post: ... 806#p65183

Wheel Flares - Wow! Decals for your wheels. These Wheel Flare kits include dry transfer decals for the sidewall of the wheels and the nail head, and cardboard wheel covers in two sizes and two designs. Use them together or separately.
Image ... wheelflare

As always, all of the our new products for the 2012-13 racing season can be found at:

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