How to keep eBay cars out of your race

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Re: How to keep eBay cars out of your race

Post by mehiggins101 » Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:53 pm

TXDerbyDad wrote: I don't care if my boys or I win or lose in our race, though we put a lot of effort into winning.
I understand the sentiment, but I have to admit I do care. More to the point, my son cares, and that's why we put the effort in. But, all the effort means more time together. Anyway, we're on the same page, but I do care if he wins or loses. I don't get upset if he loses, but I do want him to win.

I'm not as concerned about eBay rollers as I am about parents buying pre-modified axles and wheels. One year our pack had a champion who did just that. He passed tech and since I'm the Cubmaster and not the race director, I didn't realize what was up until after the dust settled. Our pack states you must use what was provided in the kit. Now, if you buy extra kit nails, I don't see a problem with that (and we couldn't tech that anyway), but buying pro-polished nails is more than technically cheating. Buying lightened wheels that are matched and have the mold marks intact might pass most tech inspections, but is still cheating. Nothing was said. I hate the idea of disqualifying a kid based on the deeds of the dad. I think this year we may (change is a hard sell with my pack) add a Super Stock class for guest racers and cars that fail tech.

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Re: How to keep eBay cars out of your race

Post by ZebsRacing » Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:46 pm

Stamping does nothing when a parent can send in his car to be "tuned" by the pros. In any event, alot of good ideas. Some I will certainly bring up to our District.

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