Supplies for sale (tools, materials, parts, etc.)

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Supplies for sale (tools, materials, parts, etc.)

Post by Indy » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:52 pm

Hello all,

My son finished cub scouts a few years ago and we're just getting around to cleaning out our old supplies. Some of these we used yearly, some not at all. Most of the car parts (bodies, prepped wheels/axles, fenders, etc.) were door prizes from different races he attended.

$195 (via Paypal)

A few notes:
- Everything shown below is being sold as one package
- Everything is 'as-is'
- The photos are of what you will get (I did try to be accurate as possible on the descriptions)
- The price includes FREE shipping (USPS flat rate box) for the continental US

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking,

Triton T2 550g scale
200g calibration weight
5oz calibration weight
0.0980 reamer
Pro-Hub Tool (Maximum Velocity)
Pro-Outer Hub Shaver (Maximum Velocity)
Pro-Body Tool (Maximum Velocity)
Pro-Axle Guide (Maximum Velocity)
2 Pro-Wheel Mandrels (Maximum Velocity)
Axle Extraction Pliers (Maximum Velocity)
Pro-Wheel Shaver XT (Maximum Velocity)
2 Axle Polishing Kits (Maximum Velocity)
Silver Bullet (no pin but has chart for use with drill bits to set various angles)
Axle Install Support (Maximum Velocity)
5 Pipe Cleaners (Maximum Velocity)
9 Pipe Cleaners (unknown)
Pin Gauges (0.0955, 0.0960, 0.0965, 0.0970, 0.0975)

Diamond Polish (Maximum Velocity)
2 (partial) Wheel Bore Polish (Maximum Velocity)
Micro-Finish Polish (unknown)
2 (partial) Max-V-Lube Dry Graphite (Maximum Velocity)
Nyoil II

~60 BSA wheels
~60 BSA axles
30 [~2.1 oz] 3/16” tungsten cubes (Maximum Velocity)
26 [~4.4 oz] 1/4” tungsten cubes (Maximum Velocity)
2 [~1.8 oz] tungsten putty
2 #014 laser cut car bodies (Derby Evolution)
1 set Revolution Pro Limited wheels (Derby Evolution)
1 set Revolution Pro Pure Stocker wheels (Derby Evolution)
1 set laser but fenders (unknown)
1 set Speed Axles (Maximum Velocity)
1 set Speed Axles (Derby Worx)

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Re: Supplies for sale (tools, materials, parts, etc.)

Post by 358t » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:00 pm

If interested in separating please send me a Private message.


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