ESS remote start

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ESS remote start

Post by Rukkian » Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:11 pm

We got approval to finally replace our dinosaur track that our pack has last night with a new 42' 6 lane best track. We also got approval for a remote start option. I am looking at the ESS, but would like to get some reviews from any that may have used it, or the option from the judge. The judge seems to be be quite a bit more (if you want the push button), so if that is worth it, I can look at that as well.

We are looking at still having the leaders stage the cars, but then pass the button to the scout in lane 1 (that way everybody would get the chance) and let them launch the race.

Thank you

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Re: ESS remote start

Post by whodathunkit » Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:52 pm

Some of the good things about remote starting systems are...
There is less bumping of the track and the start gate.. so faster run times from the cars leaving the start gate should be seen.

With out getting bumped & shifted from a spring open gate that slams open bumping the track.
Or the quick draw from the starter pulling back to hard on the handle to drop the gate...
Causeing the cars to shift on the track at the start.

ESS -electromagnetic starting system.
GRBB -remote starting system.
GRBB-D with light tree system.
GLB - remote starting system.
GLB-D with light tree system.
Some of the start systems (that I know of that will work on the best track.)
The systems all install and mount to the track and gate in different ways..
so thats something you may want to take a closer look at..
(as to what best sutes your needs!)
Or would still work the gate if there were problems with the electronicts.

The GRB- Is a full-motion mechanisum specifically designed for the best track..
It mounts with a pair 1/4''-20 bolts useing the same captive bolt system as the track construction.
The electronicts portion of interated unit is cotained within the cavity of the track...
more less it's a powerful rotary solenoid that pulls the gate open by a brass pull rod.
So you have to drill holes in the peg bar so that the pull rod loops with in a channel..
( under the track.)
Plus you will have to rework the gate as to regarding removal of friction to the gate
and the springs have to be reversed from there normal anchoring point up-hill from the gate
to points down hill.

With the ESS you have three ways to dump the gate.
The track lever dump... the push button on the ESS box & then the 50ft cord remote button.
Same with the Judge System..But it can also be activated by Grand prix software also..
:idk: if the ESS remote start system will do this ?

The mounts from the boxs to the start gate lever are different..
ESS uses a flat plate from the box to the gate lever..
where the Judge uses a brass rod.
(As to Priceing for the two systems)
one is more in cost & the next is cheeper.
ESS $169.95
Judge $119.95

What type of automobile can be spelled the same forwards & backwards?

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