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The Champ Timer

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:14 am
by Speedster
Our Pack recently bought a 4 lane Best track and we decided on a Champ timer. After assembling the track and timer I will be forever grateful we decided on the Champ. Yes, I know the Champ is expensive. However, the engineering is great. The bottom lights are mounted on sponge and can be moved a little bit. The lights are on mounts that fit perfectly into the holes punched by Best track. The timer itself simply bolts to the track.
The 1st track we race on at District is a 4 lane Best track. Last year the men kept trying to adjust the timer for over half an hour (Not a Champ) to line up so the computer would work properly. I do not know a lot of things about what was going on. Best track might not have punched the holes, it might have been a homemade mount, etc. Whatever it was it was a nuisance and no one needs these problems. This could not have happened had the timer been a Champ.