How to Plan and get ready for Holding a CMB Race !

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How to Plan and get ready for Holding a CMB Race !

Post by sporty » Fri Nov 17, 2006 1:46 am

Here our a few tips for Starting/Holding a cubmobile Race.

If you pack has never held a race before. These tips and suggestions can help get you on track.

The first thing is to propose the event to you pack.

I have found that a good well planned and laid out agenda works well.

So what kind of information should you gather ?

Well to start with, a possible race date, The place to hold the race at. Location and suggestion of a date.

Before suggesting a place, call and check with them.

Depending on if you are wanting to use a hill or a flat even surface and a ramp.

You will also have to allow time to build or borrow a ramp for the event.

Most races are 150 feet long.

Hay bails or 4x4's s need to be used or large orange safety cones, placed every foot.

A safety stop barrier is a must.


Make sure if you have none to go buy, the pack book has a rules in the book to go buy.

When writing up a set of rules and instructions for the car and the event. Take the time and write them well.

Try and think as a parent or builder when writing the rules and instructions out.

Remember if you leave the rules to open or lax. You will likely end up seing a wide range of Cubmobile Cars. Some may not be safe to Race or performanced enhanced so much, that it will not be fair to the other races.

Be sure to list clearly, what they can do and can not do. List some examples.

Here is one: If you mention the wheels must be stock. List the size, what can or can not be done to the wheels.

Like sanding the rubber smooth or rounding the edges, not replacing the bearings or taking the bearings apart.

Stock can mean many things. Some can assume stock means, that the wheel they have to use can not be touched. For others, stock may mean they can still paint it.

Size and length of the Cubmobile. What they can use to mount the axles, clamps, rods, screws.

Be precise and your inspection sheet should match those rules.

If you want to add in what type of kind of wood they can only use.

Different wood, carries different weight and strengths.

Allow plenty of planning time with the pack, form a committee for the event. meet bi-weekly or monthly.

It took me 4 months of planning and getting everything together, before we were ready for the event.

Thats the key to a successful event !

Work shops prior to the event !

Allowing plenty of time for the child and parent to build the Cubmobile and be upfront about the cost of the project.

Nuts and bolts can get costly ! The wheels depending on what you will allow or want on all the cars, can cost as much as $12.00 each.

Always think safety first !

A rope or Seat belt is a must !

foot safety boards are a must, prevent the feet from getting caught under the wood or scraped on the ground.

Seat sides on the car to prevent arms getting hurt, incase of a collision or tip over.

Helmets are a must !

Finding a good double elimination chart or computer software program !

Judges at the finish line or a electronic tree light.

Walkies Talkies work well, communicating with the finish line judges to the people at the ramp releasing the cars.

A microphone or PA system works well, to help keep the event moving along and for announcing the next racers.

Allow plenty of time for the parents and child to fill out the registration and forms needed. Have a deadline date for registration.

This helps with knowing how many trophies will be needed.

I strongly feel, that handing out the paperwork to the children and parents 30 to 60 days before the event. And also them having two to three weeks to decide.

A great time also is pre registration at the time they sign up for dues. Offering a $5.00 discount for early registration.

They need time to build the cars, and a work shop time.

I took the time, of every person that registered to call them or attempt to contact them by phone, two weeks prior.

Spending the time to answer any questions, go over the rules and give advise.

Our race was not just for our pack, so Many racers, did not attend our pack meeting.

This really helped with reducing potential problems the day of the race.

People were much happier and the even went smoother.

The last thing I wanted on race day, was a child who could not race or a un happy parent about the rules.

Our old system was two pieces of paper. I think it works great for a PineWood Derby.

But for a Cubmobile race, I just felt that the information I needed to supply to the parents could not fit onto two pieces of paper.

I had one page with the date, location, start time. I then had a brief explanation of what was going to take place. How the race was going to be held.
What group was starting 1st, Rules about restarts or going over the safety barrier.
No taking apart or working on cars, once the race has started. The only exception was if the car broke or a safety issue.

The brake not working.

The assembly instructions and builder rules were 3/4 pages.

Lay it out well, Don't cram it all in. Please don't use that horrible one page paper, floating all over the net.

I have had more parents,not understand that paper than what the paper tries to achieve.

If you take these suggestions, You will find the hard work and time you put into holding the event will pay off !


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