Multi-Timer setup to capture performance data

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Re: Multi-Timer setup to capture performance data

Post by psycaz » Tue May 01, 2012 6:38 pm

knotthed wrote:Do you feel that 3 points is enough or If you could have had more check points, where would you have put them?

I am thinking one closer to the gate, say within the first 2 feet of the pin.

before the curve, after the curve, then the flat followed by final.

Maybe 5?

I guess the real question 5 better than 3? Would it help to have the couple extra timing points?
With only a 32' track, I was happy with the three. At most I would have added only one more.

That would have been:
Argue bottom of the ramp, and then at the end of each of the track sections (2), then the finish line itself.

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