Shining Light Tribology is Now For Sale.

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Shining Light Tribology is Now For Sale.

Post by murphken »

Looking to sell all my high quality tooling, lathes jigs and remaining inventory, hat is not listed on Ebay. I can show you how to cut high quality wheels and axles that some of the best quality products in the industry.
I have one racer interested right now. If you are interested let me know.
I have four lathes and some killer tooling and modifications.
Some of you remember me. I started out racing with that knucklehead Sporty and we did all our mischief on Derby Talk.
After I went on my own and raced through Steve and Warrens track. I quit racing after trying to set up a race for Warren.
I started cutting wheels and axles for and have been doing it for a long time. I have a ton of repeat customers and the purchaser can sell the Wheels and axles using the SLT Logo. I just ask that you make a quality product to the kids and dads.
I live in Harrisburg and I am making candy. I will retire soon and focus on high end tube and descrete amps.
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Re: Shining Light Tribology is Now For Sale.

Post by gpraceman »

I may be interested in a lathe. Check your PM's.
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