Vids of Wall MkII Cubmobile (steering demo)

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Re: Vids of Wall MkII Cubmobile (steering demo)

Post by Smell of pine » Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:56 pm

As far as our ramp and cars and rules, etc, this is our first year. I have initiated pretty much everything. Not a lot of input from other leaders or parents. Thay want to participate, but don't want to help with much of anything. That is why I have done as much research and asked a lot of questions, and done my best to come up with what I hope will be a successful, safe, and fun event. I made our ramp out of steel. It is able to dismantle for ease of movement and storage. It is 4' tall and 50" wide. I made sure that the transition from ramp to asphalt was as smooth as possible to help prevent accidents off of the ramp. When I complete it, I will post pictures.

Safety wise, that is also why I am adding side bolsters to the seat, return-to-center steering that is fairly firm, but controllable, low center of gravity, foot restraints, and probably a 4 point safety harness. Are other parents going to that extreme for their kid's cars? Probably not. We will live and learn from this years race. Maybe we will get more parent and leader interaction for next years race. I am also hoping it is a success because we have several other packs and the district watching to see how we do it. I want this event to blossom into something big in our region/district. I don't want my idea to go down in flames.

Other than trying to keep the kids seperated, what is the real benefit of lane dividers? I am trying to acquire some safety cones, and we have tires for the outer lane edges and finish slow-down area.

Back to the ramp, I am pretty proud of the starting gate as well. It isn't a parent holding a board, or a parent holding a car. It is a true starting gate with a latch, connected to both ramps for an equal start. It also incorporates a safety lock to hold the gates so someone can't accidentally bump the release and send a kid flying as he is trying to enter his car.

How do you guys feel about weighting the cars? Our limit is 50lbs. But the range of kids is from 40ish to 80 or 90. Well obviously all things being equal, the heavier kid should have the advantage. That is why I'd like to get our car right up to the 50lb. mark. I can't control the weight of my kid other than trying to stuff him with food and puting rocks in his pockets :lol: . But I can control the weight and the placement of the weight with the car. Next year when my 7 yr. old can race, weight wise he will be at an advantage since he is big for his age. But he is less than a pound lighter than my 9 yr. old.

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Re: Vids of Wall MkII Cubmobile (steering demo)

Post by sporty » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:30 pm

Smell of Pine,

I knwo that you have put alot of hard work into the event. You are truly a leader in my hand book !

The time and research you have put into the event and so forth is a very big plus !!!

I am sure the even will go over well and will lead to future events !!

Lane dividers, help to prevent cars from running into one another and also limit the amount of risk of movement for the car to flip.

Meaning if it is 4 foot wide on each side, and tall enough, the car will likely run into the divider and be stopped, the width will reduce the risk a car has room to get sideways or flipover.


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