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Post by rdlongsc » Wed May 07, 2008 7:57 am

There has been some discussion on this forum about the bearings supplied with Comtech2000 wheels not being as smooth or friction-free as the Boca bearings Sporty has found for the 10 and 12 inch steel wheels. I did some checking yesterday and found that the Comtech and steel wheels (from Farm and Fleet, Tractor Supply, True Value Hardware) can use the same bearings. The steel wheels require a flanged bearing because they have such a narrow bearing surface on the wheel face. The Comtech wheels do not require this, but the flanged bearing will fit just fine.

The Comtech2000 wheels (for a 0.5" axle) use a 1616RS bearing from the factory. This is 0.5" ID x 1.125" OD x 0.375" wide. The bearing for .375" axle is 1614RS and the bearing for the .4375 axle is 1615RS. Boca sells their version of the .5" bearing as a R1616. This bearing series is wider than the molded bearing space in the wheel, which appears to be about 0.3125" deep. The flanged FR8 series from Boca is a faster (smoother) bearing that the 1616 series. In fact, the Boca bearings that fit the Comtech wheel have maximum speeds ranging from ~19,000 PRM to over 65,000 RPM for the exotic bearings with ceramic balls. You should be able to use a non-flanged bearing with a outer race width of 0.3125 to 0.375 or any of the FR8 series bearings with the Comtech wheels with no issues.

If you have some steel wheels with really cheap Chinese bearings, need an upgrade and do not want to upgrade all the way to the Boca levels, you can get decent FR8 bearings from an auto supply. This bearing is used in some domestic transmissions. I found them online for $2.20 each. Some E-Bay stores have had a stainless steel version for about $4 every so often.

BTW, when a bearing # ends in RS or 2RS, this means rubber seals. when the number ends in Z or ZZ, it means steel shields have been added. No suffix means an open bearing.

The following link shows a 10 inch Comtech2000 wheel sporting Boca FR8ZZ bearings: ... mtech2000/

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Re: Bearings

Post by sporty » Wed May 07, 2008 8:59 am

Just awesome work !!

way to find and share this info !!

congrats on the hard work to find a great deal and the info that you have posted !

Thanks a bunch !

I do know that bocabearings, does have some $99 cent bearings that are likely still way better than those stock wheel bearings that come in those wheels. So if cost is a issue, they usually have some good deals, That lightening lube is all we use for the lube also. It's been the best for us.


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